testosterone suspension cycle

Adverse reactions from the central nervous system to the ongoing interferon therapy (see. “Side effects” section) may affect the ability to drive testosterone suspension cycle the vehicle and appliances.

In case of overdose, the patient should be hospitalized for observation and, if necessary, maintenance therapy.
The physician must bring the following information to the patient: To use was safe and effective, it is necessary:

  • Use  only under the supervision of an experienced physician
  • To prevent necrosis read the instructions carefully and follow its instructions. In the event of injection site reactions, consult a physician.
  • Do not change the dose without approval from your doctor.
  • Do not interrupt treatment without the consent of a doctor.
  • Warn your doctor if you have an intolerance to any medications.
  • During treatment, tell your doctor about any violations of the health status


Subcutaneous self-administration
Since  is available as a pre-filled syringe for subcutaneous administration, you can safely use it at home, either alone or with the help of relatives or friends. If possible, the first injection should be done under the supervision of a qualified health care professional.
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